Physical Security System

Physical security products protects and manages business resources in the form of technical, administrative and physical controls. A business is secured through access control systems, facility designs, CCTV surveillance systems etc. Every business, big or small should have a sound physical security system to safeguard itself and the employees against potential technical or physical threats.





Flap Barrier: Manage crowds and ensure security at areas with high pedestrian flow. Our Flap barrier solutions are designed to secure and control access by letting only one person through at a time.

Machine and deep learning: Inventine physical security products infused with machine and deep learning technologies to deploy smart video analytics tools.

Smart customized technology: Sustainability and efficiency through advanced smart technological products developed by industry experts, providing you with quality physical security products.

Cloud-computing: Physical security products capable of processing data collected by CCTV cameras or access control device, allowing you to review and control human actions and potential business threats.



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